May 26, 2017 on

Devotional: Honesty

I arrived in New York City a few days to meet with our MyCare team. I'm staying with my friend and business partner, Ismael. If you've heard my testimony, you know what a big role Ismael plays in my story. Exactly four years ago this month, we launched NYC Mannies ...

May 23, 2017 on

Tips and Tricks for Irreplaceable Babysitters:

As cliched as it may sound, safety should be your number one priority. When parents are rushing out of the house or during introductions to the kids, it's not always easy to remember all of those important pieces of information that you might need in case of emergency. That's why we recommend keeping handy information forms on hand for each family that you serve. You can create your own, or fill out one of the forms available online. Either way, make sure to include parents' phone numbers, allergy and medical information, emergency contacts, names and ages of children, and any pertinent, specific instructions needed to provide

May 19, 2017 on

Devotional: Same Mission, Different Men

Last week I wrote about the purpose for Israel's 40 years of wandering in the desert. It wasn't just punishment, it had great purpose. We're reminded that God is a God of process. He doesn't do random. He doesn't make mistakes. Everything is calculated down to the most minute detail. ...

May 16, 2017 on

5 Tips to Help Parents Raise Kind Children

The first step in teaching your child to be kind to others is to show them how to do it. Make an effort to be kind to family members, friends, and strangers on a daily basis and make sure your child sees it. There are opportunities everywhere for you and your child to show kindness to others--pick some flowers from your garden and bring them to your neighbor, hold doors for others, let

May 12, 2017 on

Devotional: When It Feels Like Wandering

Have you ever seen a map of Israel's journey through the desert? If God's intention was to just get them from Egypt to Canaan, he sure did take the long route. It seems to me they could have just walked along side the Mediterranean coastline and been there in no ...

May 09, 2017 on

Tips For Safe Diaper Changing

Infants start rolling early, and a parent has to master the quick diaper change in order to keep them dressed. They also have to do so in order to keep the baby safe. If the child is off the floor, their next roll will land them on a hard surface. They can also get wedged in between whatever you were changing them on, such as your bed, and the wall. How do you prevent this, other than becoming the fastest changers in the West?

May 05, 2017 on

Devotional: A Man is Not a Success Unless...

In the Spring of 2014, almost a year after Ismael and I launched NYC Mannies, I read an article in Inc. Magazine entitled, "The Great Affair." The author of the piece had interviewed several entrepreneurs who let their start-ups take first place in their lives above their marriages. As a ...

May 02, 2017 on

Breaking the News: 5 Unique Birth Announcements for New Parents

Discovering that your family is about to grow, is life-changing news for you and your partner. Next to your marriage or relationship, this is the happiest news you will ever share with family and friends. Birth announcements often feel overwhelming and nerve-wracking for new parents; y